Investment model

for the construction and short-term rental of houses
with the aim of obtaining a stable passive monthly income for investors

  • 1 000 €
    minimum entry threshold
    monthly passive income
  • from 30%
    per year


We separate our houses into lots (1 house consists of 25 lots).
Investors can purchase 1-25 lots. Every lot costs 1 000 euros.

We use a pooling system where the total revenues from all the houses' rents and additional services fall to the common pool.
Then we dedicate the management company's commission and the maintenance costs.

The final amount is divided among all the investors.
Therefore, the payout is the same for all participants in the pool and does not directly depend on the load on the specific house or location where the investor's lot is located.
It depends only on how many lots investors have.


Fill the form, choose the amount of investment
Sign the contract
Pay the invoice
Get your monthly income (from 2.5%)


monthly payments of your profit (2.5% from the invested amount)

Fill the form and let us know what you are interested in. We will respond within 24 hourss


Guaranteed income

2.5% per month

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